Carawan are committed to meet our Client’s quality requirements through implementing a highest quality control plan that ensures all standards are met.

We are focused on establishing and maintaining quality, on time services, and procedure integrity of the projects to satisfy our customers and achieving the best outcomes and deliverables.


We pride ourselves on upholding the highest Health and Safety Standards across all our projects. We assemble our highly skilled workforce to manage Health and Safety Risk.
Our Health and Safety Department carry out extensive monitoring, auditing and training to ensure our site teams are compliant with up-to-date Health and Safety regulations and industry best practice measures. Health and safety is driven throughout our business by our Senior Management Team. They are supported by dedicated professionals to assist them in delivering excellence across all disciplines and levels across our projects.
Our main objective is to fully comply with the highest quality standards.
Our compliance with all the standards can be demonstrated through the following accreditations that are utilized within the delivery of all our projects.

ISO 9001-2015
ISO 14001- 2015
ISO 45001-2018