Message From Managing Director

I would like to start by expressing the pride of being able to bring the values that Carawan, promised to carry on the first day it started to work until today with its experience of more than 17 years.

We started all our business knowing that we need to add value to our country. We have witnessed, by experiencing, that every work done with love, always taking care of the good, can result in success without losing faith.

Today, Carawan is a large corporation serving in different construction sectors such as residential buildings, hotels, villas, petrol stations and fitout works, and you who take care of us and feel responsible, have a great share in this. Our valuable business partners, customers, and very valuable colleagues.

We will continue to work and produce in order to benefit the future of our country. We will always keep our goals at the highest level in order to contribute to the economy and employment of our country, which is taking firm steps towards becoming the world’s great power. Maintaining our determination on the road to our goals could only be possible with the value you added. Thank you very much for your belief in us.

MR. Abdelmajid Alkhadrawi

Managing Director